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Words and expressions may be correctly translated, yet often convey indifferent or meaningless messages. The meaning of a word is much more than its dictionary definition.

Even when the knowledge of the target language is excellent, the message may convey a completely different meaning if idiomatic expressions are translated literally.

The translation should be a version of a text in another language that is faithful to the original but is written in the idiom of the language of the translation and suffers no loss of precision.

Translating in the business environment is a serious task. Words are powerful and impactful - they inspire understanding or confusion, win friends and influence or discourage and demotivate.

If you are keen to win business abroad you need linguistically and culturally accurate translations that bring your message home.

Text Management

Every organisation has its own corporate culture. A corporate identity in all written communication is just as important.

You can count on Tim Carruthers to set and maintain the tone and distinctive character you have chosen. Tim Carruthers preserves that important thread running through your communications, while respecting purpose and target groups.

It is this associative element which reflects the uniqueness of your organisation and characterises Tim's work.

Taglines, Slogans and Advertising Copy

A good slogan or tagline is worth its weight in gold. A tagline is a highly-focused and brief phrase that clearly explains and defines the benefit of a product or service to the consumer in a meaningful and memorable way. A great tagline will have a personality all its own and connect with the consumer at an emotional level, which is what makes it stick. Let me know what you require and I'll schedule some creative thinking time!

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