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Tim Carruthers is a climber and linguist providing a range of multilingual services to the outdoor and adventure publishing trades. He has translated over a dozen books, including works by Buhl, Harrer, Heckmair and Messner. He also provides management training events, corporate translation and localisation of technical, legal and business materials, copywriting, equipment testing and review.

Tim has been involved in this market for some 20 years. Previous to 1999 he had supplemented his income from the above sources with modern languages teaching and lecturing work, both contractual and supply. He resigned his full time teaching post in Sheffield in July 1999 in order to devote himself full time to his business, moving to Cumbria in August 2000.

Tim is skilled in the basic use of IT and well acquainted with the tools and functionality needed to keep pace with fast-evolving technologies and customer demands, safeguarding his status as an independent freelancer by placing him at the forefront of developments in the increasingly competitive translation and copywriting business. In this fast moving market, Tim's livelihood hinges on his ability to produce high-quality, cost-effective advertising copy and translations.

Quality is the key to securing customer loyalty.

Phone - +44 (0)1697 478 077

Mobile - +44 (0)7730 912 911